Dyllan Vallier is an actor/singer/dancer hailing from South Windsor, Connecticut. From a very young age, Dyllan loved exloring his right-brained possibilities of creation. Dyllan loved to sing in church, dance around the house, and was always demanding the attention of the room. 

Dyllan really fell in love with musical theatre when he attended the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts in Hartford, CT! Four years later he was accepted into The Hartt School in West Hartford, CT...

a hop, skip and a jump from The Academy! 

After being at the Hartt School for four years, and training in the hartford area for eight, Dyllan is ready to move out to New York City to pound the pavement!  

When Dyllan is not in the studio praciticing or rehearsing, he is either reading a good book, trying to keep up with all the hot shows on Netflix and Hulu, working on a DIY project, cooking, hiking, laying on the beach or enjoying the outdoors in all forms and spending quality time with his friends and family.

Dyllan and his brother in costume at theatre camp. 

Dyllan as the Nasty, Interesting Man in Eurydice at The Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts. 

Dyllan and the Hartt School's Music Theatre and Actor Training class of 2016. 

About Dyllan